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You know Badminton, you just started playing at a local club, and you are not sure what to wear for Badminton. If you have done other sports in any form, you have most of what you need to wear to play Badminton. It is suitable for a new start because they can start with exercise quickly.

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Here Is What to wear for Badminton FOR Men?

What To Wear For Badminton?

Wear shorts or skirts with light synthetic sports shirts. Avoid sports pants or long-sleeved shirts because you should be able to move freely. Avoid cotton for all this. If you are going to play regularly, have a pair of quality badminton shoes in your bag.

Badminton can be accessed to be taken and played by everyone. If you join the club, start competing or get the guidance, you must know more details from this. Read the clothing code for more competitive games and details about important things.

What you need to wear, important things.

Absolute basics for use for Badminton are:

  • Good quality cotton sports socks
  • A pair of sports shorts or skirts
  • Light exercise t-shirt
  • A pair of quality badminton shoes

Good quality socks are often ignored for sports, but they can be the difference between a comfortable and pleasant play experience and a blasted nightmare that can make your socks before you realize it.

There are many places to get good quality sports socks. The Badminton brand produces socks designed for Badminton. I say this is optional. 9Go with a good sports brand and make sure the socks are good. It prevents your feet from rubbing your shoes and forming blisters.

Light, breathing, and freedom to move to Avoid cotton!

After that, you most likely have common sports equipment such as shorts, skirts, and t-shirts that are most likely good for Badminton. Make sure they are made of breathing material and avoid cotton because it will absorb sweat. Wearing a sweaty cotton shirt while playing Badminton is not fun.

What type of shoes should I wear for Badminton?

Play clothes that allow you to freedom to move unlimited. There is a lot of rotating, spinning, reaching, and lining in Badminton, so wearing clothes that can stretch or loose gives you space to move.

If you are just starting to play and don’t have badminton shoes, don’t worry; wear basketball, squash, or sports shoes in a public room. It’s better to have a pair of shoes that you use only for Badminton that you don’t wear outside.

Shoes such as coaches and running shoes will not give you the support or security needed when playing. Most trainers and running shoes do not have a cushion to protect the feet, knees, and feet against shocks hit and jumped during Badminton.

They will not have the adequate grip to prevent you from sliding and will not have enough support around the ankle to prevent bends and rolling.

We have an article that details the difference between badminton shoes and tennis shoes and the recommended page for the best badminton shoes following any budget.

Optional equipment but fun to have

The previous part detailed the absolutely important things. In this part, we will see items that do not need to be possessed but are fun, especially if you start playing more often.

Sweat headband, wristband

Not as popular as before, but headbands and sweat bracelets can be very useful when playing Badminton. Playing Badminton makes your heart pump you sweaty in a short time. Sweat can be a real problem.

The badminton court is a hard and elastic surface that is waterproof, meaning sweat or spilled liquid will only sit on the court’s surface. It makes the court very slippery and dangerous with the speed at which Badminton is played.

Instead of letting your sweat drip throughout the field and potentially cause an accident, have a sweat headband to catch it and bracelets to wipe your arms, etc. It will be very helpful.

Jacket and heating pants

Heating completely before playing Badminton is very important. A lack of good warming routines can cause potential injuries, and you will not be ready to play your best.

Badminton and sports brands designed a jacket and heating pants that distribute your body’s heat evenly throughout your body. They are unlike most other sports clothes because they do not limit your movements as much as regular clothing.

I say this is good to have because the price can be high, and even though they work very well, clothing and normal hoodies can be enough to provide additional layers until you are completely warm.


For anyone who has long hair, male or female, you will need a hairband. I can’t imagine it is very comfortable or practically having loose hair -continuously entering your face when you play.

I put this under the optional section, referring to the sports tie with sports branded. I can’t speak from experience, but specific sports hairbands are more like a luxury when I see people playing and only use ordinary bobbles to tie their hair back.

Besides being a machine that can be washed and more durable than a hair tie and normal bobbles, I do not see the greater benefits with this. Make sure you have something proper to tie your hair.

Rule of badminton clothing code for men

If you play socially, with family or friends or other people, and play in your local recreation center just for fun, you can play in whatever you want. I recommend remaining on the clothes we discussed in this guide.

However, if you play for badminton clubs in the local league or compete in the competition, you will be subject to certain clothing codes. The dress code for men from one league or tournament to the next is rarely different.

The outfit code will most likely state that you have to wear shorts, not trousers, and t-shirts but do not include anything like soccer, rugby, hockey, or other special sports shirts. The exception is not to reduce Badminton as a sport, and you effectively advertise different sports by playing with a soccer shirt.

Maybe there are rules around the printed shirt too. Any shirt with graphics, images, and written content is most likely prohibited. Again, the exception contradicts advertising and managing inappropriate content such as nudity and explicit language.

There are very limited regulations and rules around coloring and designs for shirts and shorts. Almost all sports clothes will comply with any rules that might exist.

It should be considered that the higher the tier of your event participation, the more rules that will be around the clothes in connection with the sponsor, the print name on the shirt, and potentially match the color of your partner’s clothes if you play double or mixed. Not something to upset about when you are just starting but something you need to know.

Conclusion | What To Wear For Badminton

If you have read this up to this, we hope you can now know what to wear for Badminton. Please remember that your badminton clothes must match the settings where you play.

You can wear that makes you feel comfortable with casual and entertaining matches. But if you participate in the tournament, you must follow BWF rules about what to do in Badminton.

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