Top 6 Best Badminton Shoes | Best Guide You’ll Ever Need, 2022

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If you are a regular or normal badminton player, you must listen to the name of these brands:- Yonex, Li Ning, Victor, and Carlton, here are some of the top brands in making badminton equipment.

But before buying any shoes, keep in mind that they are many high-class brands (Nike, Asics, Mizuno) available in the market, so always do deep research before blindly going to the Famous Badminton brand.

After deciding to take badminton, you buy all the best badminton shoes you think you need. However, you then decide to use an indoor soccer shoe for the event.

This may be the wrong decision and might cause blisters, or worse, injury. Choosing a pair of good badminton shoes is more important than you think.

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Buying Guide For Best Badminton Shoes

Different sports shoes are designed differently. Badminton shoes have unique features for the sport, and they are as important as equipment such as a badminton set.

If you buy a reliable brand of shoes that are specifically designed for sports, they will most likely check all the boxes. Let’s look at some other considerations.

New Players

For those who are just starting in sports, it is still recommended that a pair of badminton shoes are bought. However, there is no need to immediately extinguish the most expensive partner. A pair of good budget-friendly shoes from a reliable brand might be a good way to start.

Court shoes for squash or volleyball can also be used if you have a pair. Take time and make sure you enjoy playing before making an expensive commitment.

Non-Marked Sole

This is usually a requirement before entering the court-urged any shoes that are not non-marks might result in you not being allowed to play. Avoid this shame by making sure your new shoes obey.

Non-marriage soles are usually brightly colored, and you can often check the stamp on those who confirm that they do not mark. With this failure, you can rub the soles on white paper to see if they leave marks.

Freedom Of Acting

Badminton players must be nimble. Shoes must be flexible and lightweight because of the various movements that need to be done.

The ankle must be free to help with this continuous change in movement. Furthermore, the feet inside the shoe should not move too much. Beware of the shape of your feet, and don’t buy shoes that are too narrow or wide.

The Only One With Thin Soles

Badminton players need a good appeal. Thin soles are very important to keep the shoe light and flexible. Therefore, the sol gums of the best badminton shoes are a good choice and will ensure an excellent grip on the court. This will also help all the changes in your suddenly.


Bearing is also important in badminton shoes, even though they need to be light. Therefore, the bearing must be enough to offer protection because it will again make the shoes too heavy and limit movement.


Like all best badminton shoes, breathability is an important factor. The best material for breathing shoes is mesh. Shoes that are not at least partially made with Mesh are not focused on the ability to breathe.

Top 6 Best Badminton Shoes In 2022

Leading players in the best badminton shoe market including Li-Ning and Yonex. If you are looking for the best badminton shoes on your feet, you should choose Yonex: Power Cushion Badminton Shoes for optimal performance and comfort.

Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 3

Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 3

These shoes are specifically designed to play in the room. They have excellent grip on the surface and are very comfortable. One thing about these shoes is that they are quite light and therefore, easy to carry.

These shoes provide a power pillow to reduce stress in your knee and guarantee maximum foot movements. Yonex Power Cushion is one of the best badminton shoes on amazon available.

Flexible design for outsole using LS-S technology increases lateral stability during intense and fast direction transfers when playing badminton.

Also, multidirectional grooves are added to sols which increase flexibility and elasticity. X-FIT extends the middle leg and provides more comfortable protection and breathing ability.


  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No
  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 11.25 x 8.5 x 4.25 inches; 1.35 Pounds
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ September 25, 2018
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Yonex
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00ZU7AHI8


  • Provides stability.
  • Increase Flexibility and elasticity.
  • More comfortable and breathable.


  • A little heavy.

Li-Ning Aytm085

Li-Ning Aytm085

These shoes are ideal for professional badminton players. It uses pillow technology for advanced comfort. Also, using Probar Loc technology for additional stability.

It also has Tuff Tip technology for the extra durability above. For additional durability and traction, it uses bouncing technology and carbon fiber calf for additional protection.

This pair of best badminton shoes are engineered with Neo Duplex technology in the Midsole which absorbs the impact when your feet land. Your movements will be smoother and your ankle is supported by the top stability.

Good quality, good grip, high low and low pitch angle, good pillows for crashing, extraordinary value for that much money. Fit is slightly narrower than Asics, something between Asics and Babolat, which IME runs quite narrowly.


  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No
  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 13.6 x 8.3 x 4.9 inches; 1.95 Pounds
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ AYTM085-4H-10
  • Department ‏ : ‎ Men’s
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ March 21, 2018
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07C6NLRT4


  • Good quality.
  • Amazing grip.
  • Affordable.


  • Perform better with synthetic soles.

Yonex Power Cushion 65 Z for Men

Yonex Power Cushion 65 Z for Men

This pair of shoes has the latest Power Cushion Plus and is a favorite of the previous world no. 1, Victor Axelson. The new power plus power is tested to increase the absorption of shocks by 25% and a foothold repulsion by 12%.

This is designed to be soft in the upper area and reduce stress on the side of your feet. Power Plus pillow absorbs impact shots and transferred energy to your next shot. The smooth design and power graphic lite are also some interesting features.

It also uses a super-light and durable double mesh Russel and gives 8 times more air-exchange performance than ordinary mesh. Lateral claw construction helps to stabilize the side of the foot to prevent lateral movements when landing


  • Brand Name ‎YONEX
  • Color ‎White
  • Suggested Users ‎Men’s
  • Number of Items ‎1
  • Manufacturer ‎Yonex
  • Size ‎7
  • Sport Type ‎Squash, Badminton, Racquetball, Pickleball


  • Comfortable to feet.
  • Durable for the long run.
  • Lateral construction stabilizes the foot.


  • The color might be bright for you.  



This shoe is equipped with a very different design but in terms of performance, this is one of the best. This is a simple design but offers comfort and support during your match. Eva Midsole and Sock Liner provide a comfortable experience while also giving a very good rebound.

The inner bearing is very amazing because it quickly absorbs the impact of your jump and other fast movements. Overall, this shoe is very helpful to improve your performance and is also quite affordable.

Some technologies are combined to allow the user to prevent more injuries while enjoying more pleasure in sports. No exception for ASIC to remove a pair of other quality shoes, Asics Gel Upcourt.


  • Department ‏ : ‎ Women’s
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ February 8, 2017
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B01N2BAO13


  • Maximum shock absorbs design.
  • Fewer chances of an ankle sprain.
  • Support for Achilles.


  • Less durable.

Yonex Power Cushion SHB-02 Ltd Limited Edition

Yonex Power Cushion SHB-02 Ltd Limited Edition

These shoes have asymmetrical compatibility that provides foot support and stability needed for more accurate foot movements. The top of this badminton shoe is made of P.U. Skin for durability and multiple mesh Russel that offers better ventilation and keeps your feet dry.

The midsole is equipped with light technology, power pillows, E.V.A., and T.P.U which are solid for comfort, absorption of impact, and grip. One of the amazing features of this shoe is the extra-durable layer of leather at the top which also makes it classy.

Yonex Power Cushion SHB-02 Ltd Badminton Edition Ltd asymmetrical compatibility feature that provides leg support and stability needed for more accurate foot movements. These best badminton shoes offer P.U. Skin, double Russel mesh, and durable skin.


  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 12.44 x 8.19 x 4.45 inches; 1.57 Pounds
  • Department ‏ : ‎ Men’s
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ December 11, 2019
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B001BF3LW2


  • Comfortable for long-duration matches.
  • Highly stable during fast movement.
  • Enhances protection.


  • Material is stiff.

Yonex Hydroforce 2

Yonex Hydroforce 2

Hydroforce 2 of his features with true pillows and true form technology developed for medium badminton players. This is an updated version of Yonex Hydroforce with new features involved.

True pillows and true form technology provide the ability to absorb better shock and better comfort. A true pillow is built with two layers of shock absorption technology. It offers comfort for the players who help them in covering the court quickly.

True form technology provides fast compression recovery and stability in the front leg area and legs that reduce the possibility of injury. The Hydro-Force model by Yonex was built with unconventional design patterns. The form of TRU and true pillow technology increases the ability, comfort, and installation that absorbs shock.

The minimum number of stitches is used when developing these shoes, which has reduced the possibility of manual errors.


  • Age Range ‎Adult
  • Brand ‎YONEX
  • Color ‎Red/Black
  • Material Type ‎Synthetic
  • Number of Items ‎1
  • Outer Material ‎Synthetic
  • Size ‎6 UK
  • Sport ‎Badminton
  • Style ‎Badminton Shoes
  • Manufacturer ‎Yonex
  • Country of Origin ‎Thailand


  • Excellent cushioning and comfort to toes.
  • Stable.
  • Durable.
  • High-quality.


  • Expensive.

Li-Ning Aytm105-4

Li-Ning Aytm105-4

These shoes have several unique properties that help improve your performance. It has a rebound that is higher than an ordinary midsole. The smooth design provides comfort because it is light when playing.

TPU support gives you a stable sports experience while preventing injury to your ankle. Midsole crystal with flexible grooves to change position. The pillow used in the main impact on the Midsole makes transitions smooth and stable when exercising.

One of the best choices in this affordability. These shoes are very helpful in providing stability to athletes while making fast movements during high-intensity games, which as a result improve the performance of the players.


  • Batteries Included ‎No
  • Brand ‎Li-Ning
  • Color ‎Purple
  • Material Type ‎Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  • Size ‎Size 9
  • Sport ‎Badminton
  • Manufacturer ‎Li-Ning


  • Improves fast movements during play.
  • Better grip and support for the foot.
  • Durable.


  • None

FAQs for Best Badminton Shoes

How to wash badminton shoes?

  • It is not recommended to wash the best badminton shoes in the washing machine. They must be cleaned by hand with soap and water and cloth.
  • Soles can be given to a washing machine if it causes odor, or you can try baking powder or foot powder in the show, which will absorb any scent if sprinkled and left for 12 to 24 hours. Leaving shoes to be aired after the game is also a very good choice.

Can I wear the best badminton shoes for daily use?

  • Soles tend to be damaged from time to time, especially from walking on a hard surface like tar. They can be used for very relaxed use, and maybe the best is to use them when they are no longer needed to play.

How much can you expect to spend on the best badminton shoes?

  • Good quality shoes can start from $ 50. This is suitable for beginners or players who are not so serious about the game. Premium shoes for sophisticated players can reach up to $ 150.


There are many advantages of playing with a pair of the best badminton shoes. First, a pair of good shoes help to prevent injury. From sprains to an ankle sprain and knee injuries, a pair of good shoes will absorb such shocks and prevent such injuries.

Second, they will help reduce blisters because they will have the right ventilation and reliable soles. Finally, a pair of good shoes will help in better performance.

Therefore, choose a pair of shoes that will help improve your performance, speed, and movement during the match. Choose the best shoes, based on your level of experience, personal preferences, and budget.

Although these badminton shoes will help in improving your performance, more will depend on your skills and training. So, keep practicing with the right shoes and suitable.

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