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Badminton, which you might have a pronounced problem with, tracks its origin in India, England. Strangely, Badminton is the second most popular sport in the world; Football is the most popular. Why is Badminton not popular in the United States? When comparing some parts of Europe and Asia.

In most cases, Americans only play Badminton during social events, especially for fun, not for wealth or fame. This broad post will discuss; why is Badminton not popular in the United States?

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Why is badminton not popular in the United States? Reasons to know

Why Is Badminton Not Popular In The United States?

The first answer to the question why is Badminton not popular in the United States? A percentage more significant than the average American does not know about Badminton.

Compared to tennis, Badminton is mostly underestimated. Many still consider it a niche sport and are mostly limited to several Asian and European countries.

But the reality is that Badminton requires hard work, skills, strength, agility, and stamina. Badminton is as complex as tennis or other physical exercises.

Because Badminton is much lighter than a tennis ball, many assume that light shuttle makes the game unpredictable, and to some extent, the secret athlete becomes light.

Even with all the sophistication and skills needed by sports, many people give little attention. Only if these people recognize what kind of Badminton can they develop affection for them.

Badminton is considered a backyard sport.

Most Americans play Badminton in their garden, giving a different impression of how you must play it. Most of these people see it the same as other family-friendly entertainment games.

In short, this sport is the same as other plot adventures. With such an attitude, there’s no way most people will pursue it professionally. People do not realize that Badminton is a certified phenomenon among sports.

Ironically, the game is not always seen in this way. In the early 20th century, Badminton was fascinated in America. Badminton was a favorite sport in the 1930s because of the support offered by YMCAS, hundreds of new sports clubs, and educational institutions.

This popularity continued beyond the 1940s. The United States badminton team won a significant competition between 1949 and 1976. The top stars adorn the top magazines while the Badminton comedy performances in every corner of the country, but now it remains through glory.

Badminton suffered from image problems in the late 1970s when people began playing in the Picnic Park or the backyard. So far, he has not regained his previous glory.

Lack of support from the media and sponsors.

Promotion plays a vital role in sports development. It explains why some matches such as basketball or soccer are more popular than volleyball. The attention of the media and sponsors for Badminton (global) cannot be compared even to tennis, leaving football itself.

Media, especially American media, provides limited coverage of Badminton sports. If you are interested in news about this sport, you must dig deeper and broader to get streaming directly from badminton games.

Even international media rarely provide adequate airtime. BBC Sport admitted that they rarely offer airtime for niche sports (Badminton) outside the Olympic window. 

Limited coverage will eliminate the possibility of Badminton getting the main sponsor. Biased media coverage means less sponsor exposure, which means fewer sponsor offers.

It would be difficult for top players to keep the game if they could not get helpful support. Badminton may only grow and get followers if more resources are channeled to sports promotions.

Lack of structures that support growth and a collection of minor talents.

America has a smaller collection of skilled players than other countries like China, where this sport is popular. China, in particular, likes the game’s dominance, so they have built a solid program to develop players from a young age. They support them through all phases until they are ready for international competition. 

Young players come from various parts of the country to join the national team. Before participating in the main competition, these players participated in several internal competitions. Sometimes, they play at the national level with each other until they are ready for international tournaments.

Likewise, many other countries in Asia identify talents at a very young age and train and look after them before participating in big competitions. In most cases, this coach plays in a professional court. Conversely, America relies on a collection of minor talents. 

The numbers of statistics show that the growth of badminton participants in the U.S. remains stagnant or even decreases in some cases. Without proper badminton development attention that identifies talent from a young age, America will continue to follow this Asian badminton giant.

America has not won a major medal.

The American sports culture is that certain sports will only become popular if Americans excel. That’s when he would receive the attention of the media.

Unfortunately, America has not excelled in Badminton in the past. Tennis is still the most popular racket sport in the U.S. Therefore; tennis attracts the attention of young talents who can travel to Badminton.

Although some excellent badminton players exist in America, this country does not dominate or consistently win titles in significant international events. But why is Badminton not popular in the united states? 

The fact that most U.S. badminton players struggle to pass the first round has damaged the interest of young people who can compete in this competition. It has made many sports fans lean toward other sports, such as swimming events and tracks that give them a proud moment to become Americans.

Lack of government support.

The government and other badminton stakeholders have not done enough to encourage more people to watch it on T.VThe lack of a fantasy league also does not help the situation.

Why is Badminton not popular in the united states? In America, Badminton is not one of the games that can stop the nation every time the game is played.

The only one when Badminton received serious attention was when there were significant international tournaments such as the Olympics. Even then, only a few countries dominated the competition.

Most countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India, and several European states have placed infrastructure from school levels to professional leagues.

Iris Wang, a talented young badminton player from California, once told USA Today that Badminton in the U.S. was still funded by himself.

Maybe somehow, this is the answer to; why is Badminton not popular in the united states. There is nothing like a team. He made his observations in connection with the South Korean badminton team. 


If you still have doubts about; why is Badminton not popular in the united states? The above must explain in more light. Badminton may not be widespread in the U.S. as it should be, but it has a rich history.

Although it may take time to restore lost glory, this country can love more games if Americans consider the game more serious, invest more resources in talent development, and encourage more stakeholders to invest and provide more exposure.


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