Best Guide On How To Carry A Badminton Racket In Flight? | 2022

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If you’re a badminton fan like me, you’ve probably encountered the problem of how to carry a badminton racket on a flight. The problem arises because badminton rackets and suitcases cannot be carried on flights as hand luggage. They exceed the maximum size limits imposed by airlines for hand luggage. Even the racket exceeds the ultimate dimension. Airlines have a maximum size dimension for hand luggage because it must fit into the overhead space in the aircraft cabin.

But don’t worry—I’ve got you covered! In this article, I’ll explain how to carry a badminton racket in flight. I’ll discuss tips and tactics for packing your racket safely, as well as options to consider if carrying your racket on the flight is not an option. So saddle up, and let’s get started!

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How to Carry a Badminton Racket in Flight? Things You need to Know

How To Carry A Badminton Racket In Flight?

So, what can we do? We travel by plane and need to carry our badminton equipment? But how to carry a badminton racket in flight?  What do other people do in this situation? Read on to find out.

Why can't I take it as Luggage?

All airlines have restrictions on the cabin/hand trunk. Limitation of size and weight restrictions per passenger. This restriction applies to aircraft safety on flights so that each passenger gets space allocated for their hands. And people must know How to carry a badminton racket in flight?

Size restrictions are because all loose hand luggage must be stored in the overhead compartment provided during takeoff, landing, and turbulence. All situations that can cause bags etc., are thrown around the cabin and can hurt someone.

Heavy restrictions already exist, so the aircraft is not burdened. Excessive can make the aircraft unbalanced during the flight. This can also cause aircraft to burn more fuel than anticipated for travel and produce a diversion for fuel or worse.

In recent years the airport and airlines have become increasingly careful about what can be taken on flight boards, especially in the trunk of the hand.

Whatever can be used as a weapon or is generally considered dangerous is strictly prohibited. I have struggled to find details, besides limiting size, why sports rackets are not permitted. I think they can be used as weapons in the wrong hands.

Checked Luggage is the Best

Checked in the trunk is one of your choices to transport your badminton equipment to fly. There are far fewer restrictions to be examined in the trunk, even though there are still some regulations.

Most airlines let you bring about 20 kilos from the trunk. You can get even extra pay to be able to take more checks in, but it can be expensive. Once again, Skyscanner has a good article that covers large airlines.

The maximum size dimension to be checked in the trunk varies more than the hand trunk between airlines. Some airlines specifically do not have any limits on the size to be checked in the trunk. It is necessary to check which airlines have boundaries and measure your badminton bags to stand guard.

You might find it easier to fold your normal Bulutminton Bag, if possible, and store it in your normal travel suitcase. You can then pack your racket in a racket carrier that is more compact and has badminton shoes, transportation, etc. Stored in a travel suitcase.

How to Pack your Racket so as not to be Damaged

So, unfortunately, we must let our valuable badminton goods go on check-in. What can we do to ensure the racket passes through all the crowds and busyness experienced by the baggage during transportation in one piece? How to carry a badminton racket in flight? Fortunately, there are several easy ways to ensure that our equipment remains protected.

Utilizing the Original Case for Protection

Return your racket to the original case. All rackets were bought new, and some used came with a racket head covering or a full-length cover to protect the racket from scratches and scratches.

Bubble Wrap: A Protective Measure for Your Racket

Pack your racket bag or sleeves with polystyrene peanuts or bubble wrap. Even better, use both! If you do not have the case of the original racket, the racket is normally delivered using Bubble Wrap to offer each racket certain protection. The bubble envelope will help minimize the scratches and amortize the racket of any impact through the transit. 

Polystyrene Peanuts: Filling the Empty Spaces

If you have a racket bag, you can also fill the rest of the bag with polystyrene peanuts. These will fill the empty space remaining to prevent rackets from sliding too much and reduce damage to impact. Both are relatively easy and cheap to buy, and you can get them on Amazon.

Where to Buy Protective Materials

Bubble wrap and polystyrene peanuts are both affordable and readily available on Amazon. These materials can add an extra layer of protection to your badminton racket during flight.

How to Carry a Badminton Racket in Flight? Factors to Consider

Here are some tips on how to carry a badminton racket in flight:

1. Check Airline’s Sports Equipment Policy

Before you take off, check the airline’s sporting equipment rules. Some airlines may allow you to transport your badminton racket as hand luggage if it meets their size requirements.

2. Use a Racket Case

If you have the original case that came with your racket, use it. This case is intended to protect your racket against scratches and other damage.

3. Wrap Your Racket If you don’t have the original case, try covering your racket with bubble wrap. This will guard against scratches and impacts during transit.

4. Consider Insurance If your racket is exceptionally valuable, you may consider having it insured. This will provide you peace of mind in case it is damaged or lost during travel.

5. Label Your Equipment Make sure your equipment is clearly labeled with your name and contact information. This can be useful if your racket becomes missing or ends up in the lost and found. It is a little step, but it has the potential to make a significant difference!


To summarize, carrying a badminton racket in flight can appear to be a daunting attempt due to the many restrictions and potential risks involved. However, with sufficient preparation and consideration, you can ensure that your badminton equipment arrives at its destination safely. Remember that the goal is to get your racket from one location to another in the same condition it left in. Happy playing and safe travels!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any specific airline regulations for carrying sports equipment like badminton rackets?

Airline laws differ, so check with your airline about their policies on moving sporting equipment. Some airlines may have special standards or fees.

Do I need to inform the airline about carrying a badminton racket?

It’s not usually necessary, but telling the airline can be beneficial, especially if you have many rackets or a large racket bag that may require extra care.

What should I do if my racket doesn’t fit in the overhead bin?

If your racket won’t fit in the overhead bin, ask the flight attendants for help. During the flight, they may place it in a closet or another secure location.

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