What do you wear to Play Badminton? | Best Guide You’ll Ever Need, 2022

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Even though what do you Wear to Play Badminton? To attack the shuttlecock in badminton, you have to move a lot. This implies you will need comfortable clothes that allow you to move quickly.

Before buying badminton clothes, several factors need to be considered. This post will discuss What do you Wear to Play Badminton and what must be used for badminton and the equipment needed.

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What to use for badminton? What do you wear to play badminton?

What do you wear to Play Badminton?

It should be noted that playing with loose clothes allows you to move freely. Badminton is a sport that requires a lot of rotating, reaching, rotating, and jumping, so wearing clothes and accessories that can flex or elastic allows you to move comfortably.

So, these is the most basic badminton clothes you will need:

  • Cotton socks
  • A pair of badminton shoes
  • Men’s or female badminton clothes
  • Other optional accessories (such as bracelets, headbands, hair bands, etc.)

Now, let’s look closer at the clothes and badminton equipment! What do you Wear to Play Badminton? 

Cotton socks breathing and soft

The first thing used in badminton is the breathing cotton socks. Hundreds of tall socks are available on the market. However, only a handful can bring full comfort in terms of fun when playing.

Some specific badminton socks are marketed, although not important. Very good if you get a brand of sports socks that are very thick but breathing.

Shoes suitable for badminton

What if you just start with badminton and don’t have badminton shoes? Don’t worry; squash, basketball, tennis or other indoor sports shoes can be a good alternative. The trainers and running shoes will not give you the support and security needed when playing. 

What do you Wear to Play Badminton? In other words, they are not enough to support to protect the ankles, legs, knees, and legs from jumping and jumping through all badminton. These shoes do not have enough appeal to protect you from sliding, or ankle support so that you do not rotate and roll.

What do you Wear to Play Badminton for Men?

You can wear anything that you like if you play informally in your community sports facilities for pleasure. But if you join the badminton club in the State League or participate in the tournament, you must comply with a tight clothing code.

The dress code will undoubtedly require men to wear shorts and t-shirts. In addition, you cannot use soccer, rugby, or other special sports clothes. This is to avoid reducing badminton because wearing a soccer jersey advertises a different sport.

Badminton clothes for female players

We just mentioned the badminton clothing code for men. What about female players? Do they have to follow the same rules as men do? Interestingly, BWF reflects on making it necessary for women to wear skirts while playing badminton at one time.

Fortunately, they realized their mistakes and ended the plan. Women’s clothing codes are now the same as men’s. They can dress up the same boss, shorts, and skirts with the same limitations.

Not a rule of clothing such as politeness, but if you wear a badminton skirt, you should wear shorts underneath. Some badminton sportswear companies now offer skorts, which are skirts plus shorts connected below, similar to men’s swimming rods. These clothes are beautiful because they eliminate the need for shorts and separate skirts when coating.

Optional Badminton Equipment – Accessories

We cannot leave without registering some badminton accessories that can help you in your game. Let’s check. What do you Wear to Play Badminton? 

Sweat headband, bracelet

Sweat bracelets and headbands are not as popular as before, but they may be useful when playing badminton. Badminton is a good way to make your heart beat fast, making your body sweat. Usually, sweating does not cause problems, but sometimes it can take time.

Badminton Grounds are hard surfaces, elastic, and waterproof, so that sweat or drinks set forth on it will only remain on the surface of the field. The steps in which badminton players moved leaving a very slippery and unsafe court.

Jacket and heating pants

It is very important to get warming properly before playing badminton. A lack of suitable heating routines may result in injury, and you will not be able to do your best. What do you Wear to Play Badminton?


It is very easy to imagine how unpleasant and uncomfortable when play with long hair that flows continues to run on your face. That is why a hairband is needed for everyone with long hair, male or female.


When you increase, you can play for a longer time, run further, and move more. This, of course, will make you sweat more. You might have to dry a little because you are very sweating. Or maybe you just need to delete yourself between the rounds; Some towels will help you!

Court/sweeper court

Sounds a little ridiculous when thinking of carrying a mop, and a sweeper to the badminton court. But let’s listen to our explanation. These are two different pieces of equipment with two different functions. The bullet court is used to clean up the court of sweat or humidity. In the badminton playground, any liquid is a big threat to the players.

What kind of shoes should wear for badminton?

It would be better to wear shoes designed for badminton. But, it doesn’t always happen if you don’t have it. Volleyball or football shoes can be a good substitute for badminton shoes. Because of their similarities in shoe soles, players sometimes replace badminton shoes with volleyball and vice versa.

In addition, the way you move in a volleyball match is very similar to what you do in badminton. That means you have to run backward, progress, and lateral.

However, it is best to note that only when there are no badminton shoes available, whether you replace it with volleyball shoes. In a professional badminton match, it is wise to take the right type of shoes for the right type of sport.


If you have read so far, we hope you can now know ​​What do you Wear to Play Badminton. Please remember that your badminton clothes must match the settings where you play. You can use clothes that make you feel comfortable with casual and entertaining matches. But if you participate in the tournament, you must follow BWF rules about what to do in badminton.

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