Best Badminton Socks Buying Guide | 2022

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Best Badminton socks may look like a small aspect of playing games. But, choosing a pair of good socks can protect you from injury and ensure your comfort during the match. Pay attention to the socks you wear to play the best game.

Are you a recreational badminton player, a club-level player, or a professional? Finding the best badminton socks is as important as choosing a pair of shoes that are very suitable. Before visiting your favorite badminton shop, consider some factors when buying the best badminton socks in 2022.

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Consideration as the Best badminton socks buying guide 

Best Badminton Socks

Badminton players everyone must try to get a pair of socks that suit them – from professional players to someone who wants to be a better player to those who only want to play with family and friends on weekends and play badminton.

Choosing a pair of badminton socks is as important as taking the right shoes. I have thick and wide legs. Therefore thin and cheap socks don’t work too well for me. A pair of Best Badminton socks? Always make a big difference.

Best Badminton Socks: What to Consider?

What factors should be considered in evaluating good badminton socks? Look at the following shortlist.


As badminton instructors, we always tell our students to choose a pair of sports socks with extra thick ass. Try to select a pair of thick sports socks than your daily clothes, just because you want socks to fill the gap between your feet and shoes, so it is more suitable.

Badminton is a sport that involves many stops and jumps, which means our feet and knees will put a lot of pressure. After I forgot to bring my best Badminton socks, I went to the shops and got a pair of regular socks. After 35 minutes, the bottom of my feet burned, so I had to stop.

A pair of thick best Badminton socks with an extra thick bottom will function well to avoid slippage, blisters, and skin rubbing. Therefore, you will feel comfortable wearing it before, during, and after the match.


A pair of good badminton socks must offer better protection and support too. For example, my friend’s doctor, with a curve that fell, advised him to wear socks and compression shoes with extra pillows when he played badminton because they strictly gave his legs better protection and support.

It will be a good idea for you to understand the pressure points in your feet and find a pair of best socks to provide extra care against the area, for example, arches. The softer support you can get from your socks and shoes, the less pressure will be on your knee, ankle, and feet.

An anti-odor function is also another essential function. We were very sweating during this match, and function, combined with the breath, will save you and your friend’s nose as you take off your shoes after the game.

Humidity function

You may have found the term “humidity” when you look at a pair of high-performance socks. Perform this function, and the fabric must be able to perform these two functions:

  • Move sweat (humidity) from your skin to the outer surface of the fabric
  • Dry so that moisture will not remain inside and saturated
  • To perform this action, we may need to choose a pair of socks with a higher percentage of synthetic materials (perform well in moving sweat) and wool (opening many small exits for sweat). Cotton is not the perfect material in such cases because it absorbs moisture and is truly anti-wicking.
  • Try to get socks with a better humidity function, and because your feet produce about 100-150 sweat per day, you want to keep your feet dry for the game.


Most players want to keep their feet as wild as possible during the match—wet feet and sweating are only disgusting and dangerous. Choosing a partner with a high breath will increase the flow of air and sweat, keeping your feet dry.

Usually, socks made from synthetic or wool will have higher wicking capabilities, making it easier to let the moisture out.

Tips: Sometimes, we can wrap our ankles with clamps to provide extra support. In such cases, try to choose materials that are very easy to breathe for socks and braces.

Size and shape

The most common type of badminton socks is “crew cut,” e.g., Socks that go up to the middle of your shin; more players wear long tube socks too. It is more your personal choice to put which type of socks.

However, we do not recommend our readers to get low-cut socks (also called socks without performances) because they can be very annoying when they fall.

Believe me, once I wear a pair without socks, it continues to fall, and I become distraught. So I have to release it in the middle of the match.

Therefore, choose at least medium socks (tip socks right above the ankle). You want socks that wrap every part of your feet in the shoe.


Durability is easy, and surely you want a pair of long-lasting socks. You need one that can protect your feet from all friction, stress, and strength. Well, it’s better to be something that can overcome a lot of spinning in the washing machine and dryer as well.


Prices are always an essential component; badminton players are fortunate. You can change your socks whenever you want because you place them in an indoor area where the entire environment is very constant. LOL, unlike Lorraine, it is tough to change his socks when he faces all this snow and ice.

It’s always better to get socks with the best functions if you have a budget. It is also perfect to choose a cheaper option with impaired functions too.


As a badminton player, your feet face stress, and choosing the right socks to protect your feet is essential. Randomly take a pair of socks in your home because playing badminton can cause sweating, blisters, or make you feel uncomfortable.

We have tried to cover the most popular and best badminton socks in the market today to make it straightforward for you to choose the best.

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