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When diving into the realm of badminton, one may come across the term “backhand drop.” But, what is a backhand drop in badminton? It is a backhand shot that is often taken from the back of the court. This shot has a downward and curved trajectory and is aimed at the opponent’s front court.

Looking to improve your Badminton skills? Mastering the backhand drop in badminton could be game-changing. This shot, coupled with other badminton skills and methods, can dramatically increase your performance. I’ll be sharing more details about the fascinating game of badminton, so keep reading!

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What is a Backhand Drop in Badminton?

What is a backhand drop in badminton?

As I said before, the backhand drop shot in Badminton is the shot you do with your backhand clutches and from the back of the court. It has a downward and curved path and is directed to the front of your opponent’s court.

Although the decline in shots is seen as foul shots, drop backhand shots must be seen more as recovery shots. It is because backhand shots should not be your first choice. They are always more difficult and weaker options, so you must always try to do forehand overhead shots if possible.

In double, you usually will not reach the point where, behind the court, you are so forced that you need to use your backhand. If you do, one of my choices is a fast shot reduction (more about this later).

If your backhand is vital, consider using a clear shot instead. This will give you time to restore, position yourself, and try to get back initiatives in the upcoming shots.

In single, as I said before, the primary purpose of this shot was to restore positions without giving up too much. So, when you do this shot, you should return to the base position as quickly as possible and do your best to get a shuttle in a better position next time.

What are the various types of Backhand Drop Shots in Badminton?

In order to answer your query about what is a backhand drop in badminton, I will discuss it more. Decreased backhand shots can be divided into two types:

  • Basic drop backhand shot
  • Slice the drop backhand shot
  • Bare or slow backhand drop backhand shot

Basic Backhand Drop Shot

Basic backhand drop shot or slowly done with a backhand grip on the non-racket side of the body. This shot can be parallel or crosscourt.

This is a good solution if your backhand is not strong enough to restore what is clear, but you are forced to use the backhand. In this case, having a reasonable decrease in the backhand will help you reduce the pressure given by your opponent.

Iris or Fast Backhand Drop Shot

Slice or shot, a quick backhand drop is done with a backhand grip on the non-racket side of the body. This shot can be parallel or crosscourt.

This is a good solution if your backhand is not strong enough to restore what is clear, but you are forced to use the backhand. This is the shot that I mentioned before that I used a lot.

Because this article about what is a backhand drop in badminton was a fast decline in the shot, my opponent had difficulty maintaining the initiative after I did it. 

Hence, I usually manage to get out of a problematic situation with it. I use the crosscourt version most because I can control it more, and my opponent expects it less. Being a recovery shot in many cases, you should not use this shot too often. If not, that means that your opponent has advantages or you do not prioritize the type of shot you must make.

Bare or Slow Backhand Drop Shot

This shot emphasizes subtlety and precision. It’s a slower shot that barely clears the net before landing hard on the opposite side. This kind of move can be particularly useful at disrupting an opponent’s rhythm if they prefer a faster-paced game. However, I’ll not recommended to use this shot if your opponent anticipates it, since they may rush the net and respond with a smash.

When to Use a Backhand Drop Shot at Singles?

In singles play, you should use a drop backhand shot every time you cannot reach between with a forehand overhead stroke. If you fail to do so, you lose the point’s initiative.

Therefore, you have to do a backhand drop shot to restore the initiative by returning quickly to the base point and reaching the shuttle -on the next faster on the next shot.

The backhand handle, also known as the grip of the thumb, is similar to the forehand handle except for the bottom of the thumb that comes in contact with the 3rd angle, and the index finger is lowered to a position under the thumb.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when performing a Backhand Drop Shot

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when performing a backhand drop shot in badminton:

  1. Incorrect Grip:  The backhand grip differs from the forehand grip. Using the wrong grip can result in a poor shot or perhaps an injury. Before you execute the shot, ensure that you have the proper backhand grip.
  2. Poor Footwork: Good footwork is required to reach the shuttlecock in time and position yourself correctly. If your footing is poor, you may end up reaching too late for an accurate backhand drop shot.
  3. Hitting Too Hard: The backhand drop shot relies on finesse and placement rather than power. If you hit too forcefully, the shuttlecock may go too high or too far, allowing your opponent to easily recover.
  4. Lack of Follow-Through: After hitting the shuttlecock, keep your racket moving in the same direction as the stroke. A lack of follow-through might result in a loss of control and direction in your shot.
  5. Not Watching the Opponent: It is crucial to keep an eye on your opponent’s spot. If they are close to the net or have a good net game, it may be best to avoid a drop shot.

Final Words

When hitting the drop shop, don’t just ‘touch’ a shuttle and call it a shot. Hit with a complete swing using the right backhand overhead stroke. Don’t use backhand unless you are forced. Intelligent opponents will always try to reach the shuttle behind your backhand area. Now that you know what is a backhand drop in badminton than this was worth a read. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a backhand drop and a forehand drop?

The key difference is the side of the court and the grip. Backhand drops are hit from the backhand side with a backhand grip, whereas forehand drops are hit from the forehand side with a forehand grip.

How can I practice my backhand drop shot?

Improve your backhand drop by working on accuracy and control. Use drills to imitate game scenarios and practice hitting the shuttlecock softly so it lands close to the net.

Can a backhand drop be used in doubles play?

A backhand drop can be used efficiently in doubles to create opportunities and compel opponents to change positions. Communication and collaboration with your spouse are essential.

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