Best Ways How To Choose Badminton Racket Grip Size | 2022

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Do you know how to choose badminton racket grip size? The right badminton handle can maximize your performance. Badminton grip can also help absorb sweat flowing from your arms.

And give you your comfortable packet shades throughout your game. When it comes to choosing a grip, understand that there is not a “best” grip. You must use a handle that suits your play style. In this article, I’ll discuss how to choose badminton racket grip size that suits your playing style.

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What is your style of play for Choosing right Badminton Racket Grip Size?

How to choose badminton racket grip size

Power Play: Focus on Strong Shots

Players who choose strength usually carry out strong attacks in succession. Their technique for how to choose badminton racket grip size is to force their opponents to restore weak shots and then get the opportunity to “play victory”.

Players who attack often hold their racket grip tighter (to produce power to destroy the strong). Therefore, a thicker grip will be suitable for this type of player.

Play Control: Focus on Acuracy and Technique

Badminton players who prefer to be involved in various badminton skills are called stroke players/rally players. Their victory strategy is to force their opponents into a long demonstration by decreasing badminton and decreased badminton.

Sophisticated badminton skills such as badminton fraud (X`) and net shots that fall require players to have big control over their racket and have excellent wrist action.

Holding of Racket

Therefore, if you are a stroke/rally player, don’t hold your racket too tightly. This can cause too much strength in your shot, especially when you use more advanced skills. Choose control over strength, more important for this type of game.

Types of Badminton Grip

There are 3 basic types of badminton grip available on the market.

  • Replacement
  • Overgrip
  • Towel grip

1. Replacement

As the name suggests, the grip of replacement means the grip that replaces the original handle. The original handle is the handle that is attached to the badminton racket when you first bought the racket.  They are also good sweat and shock absorbers. How to choose badminton racket grip size?

Therefore, the clutches of replacement are a little thicker. The general material used to produce a good badminton grip is called polyurethane or PU. PU grip provides comfort and acts as a cushion among your fingers, hand, and the racket. 

2. Strength

Oblgrip is similar to a replacement grip, but they are much thinner and cheaper than a substitute grip. As the name suggests, Overgrip is the grip where you wrap it on a substitute or original grip. The goal is to give you a thicker grip for power games.

The body’s detention is naturally wrapped on the surface of the wood handle will be too thin. Once again, PU Overgrips is a good material for comfort and absorbs sweat.

3. Hold the towel

The towel grip is usually made of cotton. The cotton grip of the racket is an excellent material for absorbing sweat and shock absorbers.

But they are very thick and heavy. If you choose a power game, the towel grip may be extraordinary for you. 

How To Choose Badminton Racket Grip Size

Simple and efficient tool

You don’t know which grip size is most suitable for you? Just put your hands on the sheet, and make sure your palms are in the loving line. Your middle finger will determine the size of your grip. If you are between two sizes, I recommend you to choose the smallest grip and add an overgrip to your order.

The best types of badminton racket grip vary between users. For superior grip and slippery grip, a rubber grip is the best. Towel’s grip is the best for sweating hands and blurred shades. Consider your personal preferences and attributes and choose the right one.

I personally have tried all kinds of handles, and for me, the grip of rubber is the best because my hands don’t sweat much. Also, I feel that the grip of rubber is the safest. Even though the towel grip feels fun and comfortable too, it feels like losing the best feelings faster than rubber handles.

Determine the Size of Your Grip

The size of the badminton handle has not been standardized between the brand. However, the leading Yonex brand provides a reliable graph of the handle size.

The size of the handle is marked by “G” followed by numbers between 1 to 5. Note that when “G” rises in quantities, which means G1, G2, G3, and so on, the size of the handle down, so Don ‘I let it fool you.


Are you a player who prefers to rush to the net and play the killing shot? Or maybe, use your fast reflex for your benefit with a sudden speed explosion and fast flat drive? If that’s the problem, you must be a front-court player.

The frontcourt player gets benefits from a lighter racket and a slimmer badminton grip size. The balanced racket that is lighter or lighter allows the frontcourt players to react faster, and respond quickly on the internet.

A thinner grip will also allow players to rotate the racket faster and easier, allow them to play easy shots, and at the same time shoot at speed when the situation appears.

Players with this preference can consider the range of control rackets (C), and our speed, which utilizes light balance or headlights to give them a quick response they like.

How do you Choose a Handle or Overgrip on Your Tank?

Court Returns

Do you prefer to hang on the back of the field and arrange your partner or yourself for the winning smash, or deceptive net shots that kill the pace of the game?

Do you prefer to use your strength for your profit and press your opponent with a strong blow and jump leap?

Court players again benefit from heavier rackets and thicker badminton grip size. A more severe or heavier balanced racket allows court players to increase the strength behind each shot.

A thicker grip also allows players to continue to do strong blows without getting discomfort from the sharp bevel of the racket grip.


Players with this preference can consider our strength racket (P), which utilizes this Head-Heavy frame technology to produce strength to kill shots and win points impressively.

The thinner grip will be perfect for this type of player. A thin grip will give you better control over your racket – especially to change from the grip of the forehand to the clutches of the backhand and vice versa.  Now you know how to choose badminton racket grip size. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is choosing the right badminton racket grip size important?

The proper grip size improves control, comfort, and power while playing, lessening the risk of problems such as tennis elbow.

What are the common grip sizes available for badminton rackets?

The grips of badminton rackets are usually ranked from G1 to G5, where G1 is the largest and G5 is the lowest. Most players like G4 or G5.

How does grip size affect my playing style?

A wider grip gives more stability and is appropriate for players who rely on power, whilst a smaller grip provides more flexibility and is perfect for players who value speed and maneuverability.

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