Best Guide On How to make badminton shoes grip better? | 2022

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Wearing the right sports equipment for each particular sport is very important, and the same thing applies to badminton. The proper footwear is very important to improve the performance and experience of playing your game and ensure that you win your game.

However, only having and wearing a pair of badminton shoes is not enough. You have to maintain it and take care of it correctly because, over time, the shoes lose their grip, which can cause your game to worse. So why did this happen? How to make badminton shoes grip better? How do you maintain your badminton?

Well, I have conducted comprehensive research on how to make badminton shoes grip better and discussed with professional badminton players to give you accurate and reliable answers to these questions.

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A way to increase the grip of your badminton shoes at home

How to make badminton shoes grip better?

At the world level, players do not have to worry about the grip of their shoes because they have sponsors and staff to care for them. But as a beginner or even a middle player, you will often experience problems with the grip of your shoes.

However, with the right ways and knowledge, you can take care of your badminton shoes to increase their grip whenever you feel or see the grip worse. Badminton shoe sole base has a complicated and complex design, so only wiping the mat to clean it will not be enough.

Instead, it will require a comprehensive cleaning. I have mentioned various ways how to make badminton shoes grip better below.

Clean your badminton feet as a whole

Many people don’t pay much attention to cleaning their badminton shoes or don’t realize the importance of cleaning them. Cleaning your badminton shoes, especially the soles, is crucial in maintaining and increasing grip.

Effectively clean the soles of your shoes as below:

  • Using a clean and dry brush, get rid of all loose dirt from the palm of your badminton shoes.
  • Next, use a wet cloth to clean the side and bottom of your soles.
  • Using sharp and pointed objects, clean the angle and depth of the pattern on direct and comprehensive solo solutions, it is essential to ensure that all dirt is removed from parts that are difficult to reach.
  • Finally, to increase grip, mix water and glue and apply to the base of your shoe.

Following these steps will effectively clean your badminton shoes and significantly increase their grip.

Use glue water to increase friction.

If you use the cleaning method, which seems too much for you, then you can choose this method because it is more straightforward. For this method, if you play in a wooden or marble field, you can use a mixture of water and glue in the field to increase the grip of your shoes.

All you have to do is mix the portion of glue and enough water. Then use a clean mop, you must apply a thin layer of the mixture to the court’s surface.

Clear-glue-water-to-access-the-alms-ribling. However, you must not overdo it with this method. Applying many mixtures will lead to the development of stubborn black spots in the court.

How to maintain the grip of badminton shoes

Now that you know how to make badminton shoes grip better, what is the way to maintain it so they don’t lose grip as fast? Well, keeping your shoes play a big role in increasing their long life and ensuring that the grip of shoes remains optimal for as long as possible.

I have mentioned various ways to maintain and care about your badminton shoes so they don’t lose their grip quickly. Playing badminton on a clean court with a smooth surface is very important. Using badminton shoes on a smooth surface will increase grip, making it slimmer and more shining.

In addition, you must choose a synthetic court than wood. Because of the anti-selection and endurance characteristics, synthetic field surfaces increase shoe grip.

Use your badminton shoes on the badminton court

It is strongly recommended to maintain the grip of your badminton shoes, you must use them only on your badminton field and avoid wearing them for other purposes rather than playing.

If you use your badminton shoes outside the field, the traction will be exposed to dirt and rough surfaces, and from time to time, this will cause some loss of its anxiety.

Badminton shoes are only designed for indoor games; using them for other activities, such as running, hiking, playing soccer, or going to other places, can lower the grip of shoes.

Not cleaning the badminton shoes.

Cleaning your badminton shoes is a must. If you don’t clean it regularly, the grip will eventually fade. If you do not clean it regularly, dirt that is lodged in the grip of badminton shoes causes shoes to lose the ability to grip them.

So, I suggest you clean it after every use to have optimal grip. Clean shoes with warm soapy water and remove debris with sharp tools will stop shoes from losing their grip.

Exposure your badminton shoes to heat up

Remember that your badminton shoe soles are made of rubber. So, the grip of shoes on your badminton shoes will progressively melt and decrease if you repeatedly expose them to heat up, making them entirely worthless for use in court.

Therefore, I recommend putting your shoes in a cool place after each use to maintain them in good condition for the next time. 


Learning how to make badminton shoes grip better can help you increase stability, strength, and ability to place all your strengths and strengths in the main places when you play badminton.

A better grip on badminton shoes will secure your feet from injuries caused by slippery conditions during the gameplay and save money to purchase replacement shoes again and again.

Therefore, to know how to make badminton shoes grip better, you need to clean your badminton shoes and maintain their grip to optimize your performance and reduce the possibility of accidents while playing.

I hope this article on how to make badminton shoes grip better is useful for you and you will be able to increase your grip and use your badminton shoes longer.

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