How To Choose a Badminton shoe | Best And Ultimate Guide, 2022

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Badminton shoes are an essential part of your badminton equipment. They protect you from injury or fall. They also help you move faster and safer through the court.

In this post, I will answer all your questions about how to choose a badminton shoe. I want to give you some maintenance recommendations to keep your badminton shoes functioning well. I will provide you with some product recommendations if you buy a pair of new shoes.

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How to choose a badminton shoe

Is badminton shoes important?

The answer is yes; they are essential. I recommend buying it immediately after starting to play badminton. I recommend purchasing it as the third piece of equipment right after the racket and transportation.

And why are they so important? Well, badminton movements are precise. Only Squash has several similar activities, although it does not cover all the range of exercises carried out by badminton, such as jumping movements.

Therefore, shoes designed specifically for badminton will help prevent injury and ensure your feet do not suffer from the pressure that usually comes from playing badminton. But the real question is how to choose a badminton shoe.

When should I consider how to choose a badminton shoe

As I just mentioned, I consider badminton shoes as the third most crucial equipment after the racket and transportation to play badminton. So the answer is when you start playing. Maybe you can play once or twice to ensure you like it, but you must consider buying badminton shoes.

That does not mean you need to spend much money from the start. There are affordable badminton shoes for beginners, but they will still work for you if you only start.

Is it essential in which type of field I play when it comes to how to choose a badminton shoe

Yes, it’s essential in the type of field that you play when choosing your badminton shoes. It will determine how many bearings you should be looking for. Therefore, if you play badminton regularly, you should carefully check which surface you play on.

It is because badminton can be very hard on your knees and ankles. The best surface to play on is a suspended wood floor or badminton mat. In this case, standard badminton shoes will do an excellent job for you.

If for any reason, the only way you play badminton is on a hard and outdoor floor, then you have to look for shoes that have extra cushions. Maybe also a good idea to buy some good soles that help with additional cushions. 

What are the essential characteristics when selecting badminton shoes?

There are several characteristics that you must remember when thinking about how to choose a badminton shoe. However, before you keep reading all the different things to remember, I have good news for you.

If you buy shoes explicitly designed for badminton, you don’t need to worry about these characteristics because the shoes will check the most important box for the price range you are looking for. Therefore, let’s look at things that will have good badminton shoes.

Badminton shoes must be light

Badminton is a speedy exercise where you have to move fast and where you also often change direction. For this reason, good badminton shoes will become light, so it does not become a burden when carrying.

Badminton shoes must be flexible

For the same reason that they must be light, badminton shoes must also be flexible. The range of movements you do when playing badminton is extensive, switching from lunges to reaching a shot in the net, to jumping, or changing in a direction that is suddenly because of the deceptive shot from your opponent. Get to all this; badminton shoes must be flexible so your feet can change shape to match your specific movements.

Badminton shoes should let your ankles be free to move

The mistake you can make when buying badminton shoes is to buy one where the ankle is covered in thought that will help protect you from injury. Because there is a constant direction change when you move around the court, you must let the ankle be free to adapt.

If not, you will have difficulty changing direction, and, long -term, you can start having problems with how extra protection affects your movements.

Badminton shoes must have a shape that adapts tightly to your feet and hold them stable

Although you need your ankle to be able to move freely, it is essential that your feet are tied safely in the shoes, and they don’t move. It will avoid injury or blisters that, if not, will appear because of all friction between your feet and shoes.

Therefore, be sure to purchase shoes that adapt to the shape of your feet. For example, if you have wide legs, check the options available for wide legs. Also, make sure to tie your shoes correctly so that the feet remain stable.

Badminton shoes must have thin soles

It is the first thing to be considered physically in appearance when it comes to how to choose a badminton shoe. Because of the need for light and flexibility, badminton shoes tend to have thin soles. It is a good sign that shoes will do what is needed.

However, people with bad knees may find thin soles unsuitable for them. If that’s the problem, I recommend buying a good sole or orthotic to provide the additional bearing needed. You can put this in your shoes, in a soles place that comes as a standard.

Badminton shoe soles must be made of rubber gum

Because of all the changes in the suddenly needed in badminton, good attraction is one of the essential characteristics of having badminton shoes. To achieve this, the best quality material for your soles is rubber gums. Once again, this will come as a standard for all the right badminton shoes, but good to remember.

Badminton companies always work in different patterns and increase soles to increase traction, but no matter what ways that are owned by one, make sure it is made of rubber gums.

Badminton shoes must provide an excellent cushion to the impact

Besides the need for light and flexibility, good badminton shoes must also have a good cushion on impact. It is essential because badminton has become an aggressive sport with a drastic leap and change. A good cushion on the effect will ensure that your knee does not suffer in vain. As we mentioned before, for people who need extra, soles or orthotic pads are a good choice.

Badminton shoes must provide reasonable humidity control and breathing ability

This characteristic will be distributed with good and not specific indoor shoes for badminton. Because of the sweat produced while playing badminton, it is essential for shoes that provide reasonable moisture control and breath to avoid unwanted odors.

An excellent exercise to prevent the appearance of smell is to leave dry shoes a little after using them instead of keeping them directly in the bag.

Badminton shoe soles should not mark

Another critical characteristic of badminton shoes is that the only one must not mark. It has no impact on your welfare or your ability to play badminton better. However, this is a requirement to play on the most badminton court in the room, so make sure the shoes you buy do not mark.


Summary of all you want to know about how to choose a badminton shoe. I recommended most Yonex products because it was the brand that I used and believed in my life. That does not mean that it is the only decent choice.

Other trusted badminton brands, such as Li-Ning or Victor (to mention some), also have excellent products. If you are willing to use a different brand from Yonex, use the price as a reference for what you have to pay, and then find the brand of your choice. With that, let’s discuss all recommendations.

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