Best badminton string for intermediate players, 2022

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String tension is measured in LBS or kg, depending on your country. Tension ranges from around 18lbs to 34lbs, and the difference between these is very large.

If you have a tight string and suffer a lot of strings, this guide on the best badminton string for intermediate players could be because you miss a punch. When you miss a shot, the power of the shuttle passes through the top or bottom of the racket

Because only a single string includes this area (as highlighted below), the string is more likely to break at this time. You need one of the best badminton string for intermediate players. 

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Best badminton string for intermediate players

Higher string tension

Give you more touches and control. However, this is only if you can consistently reach the sweet spot in the middle of the racket. Sweet spots smaller, the smaller you increase your tension.

Therefore you need to have a good technique and time, with the ability to produce fast swing speeds in the action of hitting you. The higher your tension, the faster your strings will be damaged. This, of course, depends on the string you choose.

Lower string tension

The rope bed will be looser (like a trampoline) so that the strings will absorb more between more, giving you less control. Sweet Spot is greater, so if you don’t set the time between hutches very well on each shot, the string will be more forgiven. This means you can hit between more often with less longing with the best badminton string for intermediate players.

There will be a risk reduction in violation of the string if you have not succeeded in reaching the shuttle consistently at the Sweet Spot. No need to say that your string will last longer and more you reduce your tension!

What Badminton String tension should you choose?

The tension of the best badminton string for intermediate players you choose must depend on two things: Your standard and the string you are using.

Decide on your tension: You’re standard.

Continued players are more suitable for higher tension. A higher string tension gives you more touches and control. But it does have a smaller sweet spot, so you must have good technique and time. This is why higher tension is more suitable for advanced players. 

Middle players will need a slightly greater sweet spot than sophisticated players and may not want to pay for restrictions weekly.

Therefore the tension of the string in the range of 24-28lbs will be suitable. Beginner players should not have string tension above £ 24. The technique and time must be developed before increasing tension.

Overall, the tighter the best badminton string for intermediate players, the more you need to set your photoshoot time. If you cannot produce fast racket head speed or consistently press the Sweet Spot, you will be less profitable using higher tension.

Badminton String Strings Spots -Weak spots

If you get a lot of injury to your shoulders, it can be because your strings are too tight, and less forgiveness when you don’t hit a smaller sweet spot.

Men may often have a stronger string than women because they can produce more strength. However, often with the man only the ego competition for ‘that can have the most stringent strings’, but actually it might prevent many of these people who don’t help them!

Decide on your tension string

The second thing to consider when deciding your tension is the string you use. We recommend reducing your tension if you are looking for a thinner string because it will be less durable than a thicker rope in the same tension, but still gives you repulsion and great strength.

I also urge you to try various tensions to see what is most suitable for you. It is a good idea to start with lower tension and then increase by 1LBS / 0.5kg to make sure you feel comfortable with tension before increasing it further. Please refer to the table at the beginning of the post to decide on your tension!

Why two strings?

Often you will get to know that people say that they have different tensions in their main strings with their cross string. Most motorists will arrange rackets with two pieces of rope, one for electric strings and the other for cross strings. 

It is recommended that the cross string must be tightened at 10% higher than the main string. For example, if you arrange a racket for £ 30 you will arrange the main string for £ 30 and a cross string for £ 33.

This is why some players ask for a variety of tensions on the cross string, to ensure this. Some players may choose a little less than 10%, others might choose more. Many players also prefer the more stringent taste of the cross given them.

It is also similar to the concept of aerobic endurance that we discussed in our previous blog post. Cross strings usually break less than the parent string. Therefore increasing tension on cross strings does not significantly impact endurance.

If you compose 10% higher on the cross string, this number is between two tensions than a round. For example, if you arrange a racket on 27LBS you will arrange a cross string at £ 30.

What is the meaning of pre-termination?

Pre -stretching is where you tighten every string to a higher tension before tightening it to the right tension. The idea behind this is that you delete any elasticity of the string in it, which means that he will withstand his tension for a longer period.

Maintain a longer string tension

Some professional players prefer repulsion and the feel it gives them (they also get their badminton and limits for free so they don’t need to worry about the endurance of the best badminton string for intermediate players) You can hear a tight string sound when watching a professional player match on TV or YouTube; this sounds better with pre-termination use.

Pre-segments have varying popularity. Although not widely used on tour, it is very popular in Denmark. The majority of the top players there have a pre-star string many people tell me that this was started by people like Peter Gade and Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen.

Pre-stretching is more commonly used in tennis where strings are thicker and thicker to create more tangles so pre-stretch is also used to eliminate the memory of the string coil.


For intermediate-advanced players, you might have to have a limit of at least once a month if they have never been damaged before. It is because the tension of the best badminton string for intermediate players will decrease during this period and the string will lose some of their lives. Once again it depends on how much you play and string and what tension you have.

I am a string for Marcus Ellis and Lauren Smith (WR 9) and in the last 2 months there training has solved 64 strings, it is 4 per week! And that is only a very training in court per day because of the limitation of Coronavirus!

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