Are NMDs Running Shoes? Best And Ultimate Guide Of 2022

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Few brands have had as much of an impact on the footwear industry as Adidas. Their NMD brand, in particular, has attracted a cult following because to its sleek style and unique technologies. But the most frequently asked question is, are NMDs running shoes? This quest is not without validity. After all, with their sleek design and comfortable fit, they could easily be mistaken for lifestyle footwear rather than performance gear.

However, the answer is not as simple as one might expect. The NMD series, originally inspired by running shoes, has grown to straddle the border between athletic performance and street style. This particular blend has resulted in a sneaker that is equally at home on the track as it is on the streets.

So, are the NMD running shoes? In this blog article, I’ll go deeper into this topic, looking at the features, design, and performance of NMDs to provide you with a full response. Read on!

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Exploring the Versatility of NMDs: Are They Truly Running Shoes?

Are NMDs Running Shoes?

NMD shoe was first released at the end of 2015. Adidas NMD R1 STLT Primeknit is an updated version of the original. This is the same basic construction as some of the newly changed minor adjustments and aesthetics. 

Are NMDs Running Shoes and what are the features? This upper prime knit feature is easy to tuck and has a very comfortable midsole boost.

These shoes offer a mixture of comfort and style. What is the NMD agreement? Might you ask questions? This is a short version of the word ‘nomad.’ Basically, these shoes are intended for the urban nomad. 

People who are traveling, either running or walking. People who need not only comfortable footwear for travel but also people who want to stand out with style.

Released only last month, an updated NMD was available in a new colorway but featured the same slip-on design of the same version.

Exploring the Versatility of NMDs: Are They Truly Running Shoes?


Midsole Adidas shoes contain boost bearings that are always loved. The Midsole is the same as the 2015 version, so the shades of shoes are mostly the same. Boost bearings provide comfort, impact protection, and a responsive feel.

Adidas NMD R1 also displays what looks like a block placed around Midsole. This supports shoe bearings and adds to the structure and stability where it does not exist.

Overall, reviewers like boost bearings and feel very comfortable. However, some users find boost bearings on NMD do not feel as good as other Adidas brand shoes. 

Upper Part

The top of the primeknit has been slight -tweaked, but nothing is so essential that the shoe nuance has changed. Designs like new ribs in the upper points help provide more support to the wearer. However, the top of the primeknit is mostly the same. 

The upper part, like stretchy socks, is easily covered and built in one part to fit without defects. The rope goes down the area of ​​the back of the foot, and the shoe has a standard heel tab on the back.

This shoe is very light, thanks to the spacious top design. These shoes are also equipped with heel cuts for stability and additional support.

The reviewer likes that the top feels solid (apart from the air), but some do consider the shoes fit. They also noted that regardless of the insertion of the rope, they are not good for tightening or loosening shoes.

Size is a key with primeknit shoes. The reviewer also said that they found the lack of insole a little strange. Others complained that the shoes were cut too low on the ankle, which caused blisters.


One of the things that the reviewer likes about Adidas NMD R1 is how light it is. The design top contributes significantly to this nuance. Primeknit construction of stretchy and like socks. The ultra-ranging design is good and spacious and not only breathes well but does not really feel like shoes.

The reviewer also noted that regardless of light and field shades, the top still feels quite durable. This is an impressive achievement to make shoes that feel like you barely wear anything on your feet without having a damaged shell in a few hundred miles.


The NMD is very light. Shades like socks help ensure their compatibility is comfortable without reducing the ability to breathe. Primeknit material is also stretchy, so it moves with the wearer. The air moves in and out to make sure the feet are not too hot in the shoes.

Inside, there is no insole, which some users feel like missing aspects of the shoes. Lack of insole is intended to increase the taste of shoe socks but also reduces the ability of shoes to flush moisture.


Thanks to the combination of Adidas NMD about the extraordinary boost and airy upper pads, the shoes feel great whether you decide to walk or run.

The light design makes it as if you don’t wear shoes at all. Right like socks hugging feet, right? The design of one-piece makes slipped-on super fast shoes.

Boost bearings are not only comfortable but what the reviewer said, was also responsive. Some reviewers complained about the lack of insole, which was made for strange compatibility at first.

Others felt their size was inactive, noting that they needed to be far-sized because the match was too big. Fortunately, with the right, the top is comfortable but does not limit the stretchy composition.


Expect that Adidas NMD R1 is resistant to use and tear. Like the original, these shoes have a solid build. The upper primeknit feels roomy and smooth but not thin as you think. Boost bearings will not be flat, and the loss also easily rises.

What else ensures that Adidas shoes survive with miles? The upper part is one part, so there are no overlays or stitches that may begin to be in a foundation or decomposition.

The heel part of this shoe has a reinforcement section that acts as structural integrity. Rubber soles are standard but not built badly.

And finally the answer to Are NMDs Running Shoes? Is that yes they are? The midsole area features a support block that also adds to the structural design of shoes that unite things even when you come out banging hard tempo runs.


Rubber outsole soles protect well and provide an average amount of traction. Midsole push bearings do most of the work to protect users from the strength that can cause wear not only in shoes but also on the body.

The reviewer found a comfortable and protective boost bearing. Users also note a solid NMD construction that helps ensure a stable platform where they can practice.


If you decide to go with NMD R1, you can be sure that you have chosen a solid coach. Shoes are visible and feel great whether you are heading to run 10 miles or fast tempo exercises.

Boost bearings are comfortable without frugal protection. These shoes also provide responsive rises. The compatibility may be rather large for some people, but nothing cannot be fixed.

Long-lasting shoe function to run or walk and have a very breathing and light design. It is clear why Adidas chose to re-introduce hot shoes.

The new Colorways brought a fresh face to Adidas NMD R1 and in accordance with the very preferred construction of the original, Adidas had done a home run with these changed shoes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes NMDs different from running shoes?

NMDs include a Boost midsole for comfort and style, but they lack the structured support, grip, and complex cushioning technologies seen in dedicated running shoes.

Are NMDs suitable for gym workouts?

NMDs can be used for light gym workouts, but for activities that require more stability or support, such as weightlifting or high-intensity exercise, specialized athletic shoes are recommended.

What are NMDs best used for?

NMDs are perfect for casual wear, walking, and everyday activities that value comfort and style over athletic performance.

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