What Headphones Does Jacksepticeye Use | Best And Ultimate Guide, 2022

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You may have seen it on YouTube videos or on your friends’ Instagram, but what headphones does jacksepticeye use? There are many choices when coming to headphones and you might not know which partner is the best for you. 

In this article, we will explore what headphones does jacksepticeye use and tell you how to determine what is right for you and which products he uses to keep his ears safe when playing games on YouTube for hours every day.

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Here Is What Headphones Does Jacksepticeye Use?

What Headphones Does Jacksepticeye Use

We will also discuss several other headphones brands that have been used by influencers such as Pewdiepie and Logan Paul so if there is a certain brand interest, please read on!

First, let’s talk about the type of sound signature Jack preferred: He often mentions his love for open-ear headphones open with an emphasis on clarity. This means that Jack prefers headphones that have a lighter and open sound that is less messy compared to closed over-ear headphones.

On the other hand, his ears are most likely more sensitive than yours so he also needs to choose headphones that can block external sounds such as typing on a keyboard or noise from a roommate without too much active noise, which reduces sound quality.

Now we know what headphones does jacksepticeye use, let’s talk about some of the popular brands available on the market today!

Who Is Jacksepticeye:

Jacksepticeye is an Irish YouTuber who was born on February 7, 1990. He has around 23 million customers, he sometimes does a meme reaction video and on a small occasion, he does a vlog, even though he is mostly known for his gameplay which is 90% of his channels specifically. 

He is mostly known for the gameplay he has done in his channel: undertale, subnautica, detroit: being a human, a small nightmare, and the most popular, the wheels of Happy, which he stops playing in episode #100 and only reviews for “Nostalgia Week “In the channel near the end of the 2010 era.

Jacksepticeye has also donated to charity several times in the past and has tried to stream directly a month once a month.

Some Fun Facts About Jacksepticeye:

  • He got a scream from Pewdiepie sometime after he started his channel and had developed rapidly since then
  • Jack once painted his hair green for charity so that his friend Markiplier would color his pink hair
  • Jack is red and blind green so a color blind test that has red and green in it is almost impossible for him to see what is happening in the picture
  • Jack started dating a girl who was not named (from what I knew) around 2013-2015 but the relationship ended, he then dated Youtuber Wiishu but the relationship ended too, and now he is currently in a relationship with Girlgamergab
  • Jacksepticeye is a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community
  • Jacksepticeye has struggled with his mental health in the past and has come out saying he thinks to do Su! Cide returns in 2017 around Christmas but can get out of the mindset and that is one of the reasons he really pushed the PMA message (a.k.a positive mental attitude) back in 2018 but still a little in 2019.

Beyerdynamic Headphones & Audiophile Headphones

One of the favorite headphones of Jack Septic Eye is Beyerdynamic. This German company makes professional-level headphones that are often used in music, films, theater, and television.

We know that Jack uses Beyerdynamic DT 990 for his video game which is a pair of open-EAR headphones open with a very bright sound made to allow listening easily with a lot of depth.

Beyerdynamic also has a closed rear design called Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. This headphone is popular among musicians and professional producers for its warm and clear voices with deep bass.

Beyerdynamic headphones can be a little expensive, with most models worth more than $ 200, but the price label is often feasible because they have very high-quality buildings and are extraordinary.

Our Choice

This is the headphone of Jacksepticeye used when he reviews the product. They are not the best in the world, but they work quite well. Fidelio headphones are the right choice for anyone who wants to improve their voice system.

They are affordable as other headphones, and they have a good reputation. Headphones are good for listening to music or watching videos, but what if you want to release them and use them as an earbud? 

FAQs: What Headphones Does Jacksepticeye Use

What mice are Jacksepticeye 2021?

  • You may have heard of Jacksepticeye, a popular YouTuber Game. He is a member of the Eight Game Community known as a ‘new gamer’ (NG). He started the video series, titled ‘Time Reaction’, at the end of 2011, and since then collecting a total of more than 3 billion views.

What are the best headphones brands?

  • When it comes to the best headphone brands, Sony, Philips, Bose, and JBL are worth a try. They are the most popular brands, and they offer some very good headphones. They may be expensive, but they must be worth money.

What microphone used Jacksepticeye in 2022?

  • Jacksepticeye is a popular YouTuber for the game channel. He is known to use the AKG K701 studio headphone, which he uses in almost all of his videos. He uses it in many videos so you think he makes the whole series about them.
  • Jacksepticeye New -New released a new video on YouTube where he revealed that he used the HD280 Pro Sennheiser headphone for his recording needs in 2019.


In the article “what headphones does jacksepticeye use” we came to know that he likes to use Sony and Philips headphones. However, he is always looking for new technology. He bought headphones from Sony and Philips now and then to follow the life of his YouTuber.

Headphones to listen to music are one of the best purchases you can make. You can spend more if you want, but in the long run, you will be better with a good set of headphones.

If you want to buy headphones, you need to think about what you want in it. You want headphones that will work for you, so you have to think about what type of music you listen to, what kind of sound you like, and whether you want to buy cable or wireless headphones.

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