How to Wash Hey Dudes? Machine/Hand Wash, Deodorize [ Buying Guide in 2021 ]

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Hey, Hey Dude enthusiasts, I know everyone loves Hey Dude sneakers because they are both comfortable and stylish. They're the shoes you put on without hesitation, ready to face the day. But, let's be honest, life gets dirty, and so do your beloved shoes. But fear not! Cleaning your Hey Dudes is simple, and I have your back.

Whether it's figuring out the correct amount of detergent or the ideal water temperature, I've got the insight you need to keep your shoes looking pristine. So, let's get started with the ultimate guide on how to wash Hey Dudes and keep them in perfect shape!

What Materials Do You See?

Listen up first! When it comes to Hey Dude sneakers, understanding the fabric is crucial to ensure durability. Each pair, unique in its creation, requires a precise level of care. The woven fabric uppers, consistent with the Hey Dude brand, provide a breezy, comfortable fit that has become a wardrobe classic around the world. Canvas uppers, on the other hand, are a more durable option for those who live an active lifestyle. To use the proper cleaning method, you must first determine the material of your Hey Dudes. Just as you wouldn’t wash wool in hot water, each type of Hey Dude shoe needs special care to stay in top condition.

How to Wash Hey Dudes Shoes in Washing Machine?

Hey Dude Shoes Washing Instructions

►Remove all laces from shoes. Turn left shoe inside out and right show outside (this will ensure that they both get washed the same way). Fill the washing machine with cold water and gentle detergent. Add shoes and check water level regularly to ensure that it does not go above the soles of your Best Hey Dude Shoes. Wash on a short, gentle cycle with cold water for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly in cold water, allow to drip-dry in a clean place.

Can I Put My Hey Dudes in the Dryer?

How to Clean Hey Dude Shoes by Hand?

Instructions for How to Hand Wash Hey Dude Shoes

1. Remove Laces: Take off the laces from shoes. Turn left shoe inside out and right show outside (this will ensure that they both get washed the same way).

2. Prepare the Sink: Fill the sink with cold water and gentle detergent. Place both of your Hey Dudes in the sink, making sure not to submerge their soles. Add more water if necessary to ensure that your Hey Dudes are completely covered with water. Add more detergent if necessary, but do not use too much; about 1/2 tablespoon is ideal.

3. Agitate Gently: Kneel or squat next to the sink to gently agitate both shoes together in soapy water for 30-45 seconds (do not rub aggressively).

4. Rinse: Drain water and refill sink with cold water. Gently agitate Hey Dudes until all detergent is removed from the shoes for 15-30 seconds. Drain water again.

5. Soak the Soles: Fill sink one last time with cool, fresh water to soak soles for 5 minutes (or as long as possible).

6. Remove Excess Water: Gently press the water out from soles by soaking them in a clean sink or tub, then lay shoes on a towel to dry for 24 hours (or as long as possible)

7. Air-Dry: Allow Hey Dudes to air-dry completely on your balcony/patio/balcony before using again.

How to Deodorize Shoes with Tea Bags

You can deodorize shoes by putting tea bags in them overnight. This method of deodorizing shoes works for any brand of shoe (except suede or leather) and is especially useful when you work up a sweat at the gym or get caught in the rain without an umbrella. Just put the used tea bags inside your shoes overnight or until they dry out, and your shoes will smell fresh again in the morning.


That's all, Hey Dude fans. Keeping your Hey Dude sneakers clean is all about understanding and caring for the materials they're composed of. Whether you're working with woven cloth or canvas, a little love goes a long way. Washing your Hey Dudes is simple, and with these instructions, you'll have them looking like new in no time. So go ahead and treat your shoes to a spa day, and stride out with confidence knowing they're in top condition. Remember that a clean pair of Hey Dudes not only looks good, but it also helps to extend the life of your most comfortable shoes. Happy washing!

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