What Equipment to Take to the Amazon Rainforest

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As the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon is without a doubt the largest. Some people feel confusing, What equipment to take to the Amazon rainforest.

Packing for an adventurous trip to the jungle is tricky but not as complicated when you have this list of essential items.

From packing up piranha fishing gear or camping in hammocks deep within Amazonian rainforest darkness and savanna plains, there are so many things that could go wrong on any given day out there!

What equipment to take to the Amazon rainforest

Waterproof Sandals

After a long day of hiking or trekking, the first thing you might want to do is give your feet some room and time for recovery. But bearing in mind that mosquitoes are just waiting outside with their nasty bite ready to ruin things, it’s best not only to keep them away but also protect yourself from those pesky bloodsuckers too!

A pair of waterproof sandals will undoubtedly come in handy when exploring nature on foot.

Trail Shoes

best Trail Shoes​

Hiking can be challenging and tiring, so you need to ensure your feet have the proper support.

A good pair of hiking boots are among the essential things you should pack for a trip. They need to have ankle support and traction on slippery surfaces, as well as being breathable, so your feet don’t get overheated or sweaty in hot weather conditions.

The trails will often get muddy, which could cause an unfortunate slip; avoid these conditions by getting something like Vibram FiveFingers shoes or another type that has good traction on all surfaces – even if they are wet from recent rainfall.

Hiking Boots

Bring an ankle-high hiking shoe with you for those who want to go on a relaxed hike, explore the villages, or hang out in nature during their downtime at home.

The KEEN Terradora offers both style and comfort, so it’s perfect for these types of activities!


Finding the perfect balance of comfort and protection from insects in hot, humid climates can be challenging.

You’ll want something that dries quickly, like full-length pants with pockets for storing your supplies.

Hence, do not add unnecessary bulk around camp when carrying backpacks filled with water bottles and food provisions for dinner tonight!

Sun hat

You can’t beat the sun on your head, but you’ll be glad to have a brimmed hat that will keep it off.

When buying this type of item for riding in boats and kayaks, make sure to avoid any unwanted attention from curious onlookers!

I brought my Bodvera Outdoor Hat, which worked perfectly with its crisscrossed fabric around the section where hooking up carabiners are located.


For a more comfortable experience in the rainforest, it’s recommended that you bring along several long-sleeved shirts and some comfy pants or shorts.


Hiking socks are a personal necessity when hiking in the Amazon jungle rainforest. They need to be long enough for you so they can tuck your pants in and be comfortable with cushioning.


It is always wise to bring comfortable and quick-drying underwear, as well as sports bras that can be easily washed by hand at all lodges or hotels we stay at during our adventures!


The neck wrap is a lifesaver for all sorts of reasons: it can be used to shade yourself from the sun, keep your hair off from your face and mouth.


You’ll never know when a downpour will come, but you can be prepared with the right clothes. Bring an affordable waterproof jacket that is light and compact enough for hiking – don’t forget to pack it!

A good raincoat should have hoods or ponchos because it helps us stay dry in emergencies where we need them most.

Hair Ties

To make the most out of your trip, be sure and pack extra hair ties because you never know when one will break.



You don’t want to wear your sunglasses only when you’re on a boat! Invest in polarized lenses that protect both eyes and keep them safe from any harmful rays, like sunlight.

Ensure they aren’t too expensive because we all know how easy it can happen if one breaks or gets lost while exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

Cooling Towel

The Chill Pal is the best cooling towel out there! You can keep yourself calm for hours with it and even double it as a headband.

I love how these work, but my favourite part about them has got to be that they’re portable- perfect if we ever go on an adventure together.

First Aid kit

Keeping your health in mind while traveling abroad is a must, but there are some things that even the most well-prepared person can’t have.

Your jungle tour guides will typically carry an emergency medical kit for you, and those who go on tours should always be prepared with their form of protection just in case something goes wrong or if they need stitching up after being injured by animal attacks!

  • Zinc Oxide Tape
  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Assorted Band-Aids
  • Gloves
  • Wound Dressing x2
  • Hydration Powder x 12
  • Blister Dressing
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Anti-fungal Cream
  • Hydrocortisone Cream
  • Foot powder
  • Aspirin
  • Vaseline
  • Antidiarrheal medicine
  • Antibacterial Wipes

Remember, you’ll be in the humid rainforest and must carry your Insect Repellent. Sure enough, there are bugs everywhere!


Pack some sunscreen – remember that there might not always be any access to a restroom.

I hope this helps answer your questions about traveling through parts such as these.

Tissue Packs

I recommend a tissue pack to take with you on hikes. It’ll come in real handy when the forest becomes your restroom!

Shampoo & Body Wash

Camping in the jungle can be a messy, sweaty experience. Make sure you have some extra body wash for those days when nature calls!



It would help if you had Binoculars for the perfect view of jungle animals and birds. They’re a great way to get up close with all those furry creatures that are hiding in your backyard or even far away from home!


Things to Pack for the Rainforest are have included camera. Why not plan your trip to Guyana with a camera in hand? Not only are there plenty of photo opportunities, but you’ll also be able to capture some memories that last forever.

For anyone who loves taking pictures and being on an adventure – this is the perfect destination!

Power bank

Please carry a power bank with you so that your electronics don’t die while on vacation.

You’ll need the backup if there is no electricity available because some lodges have excursions deep into the forest where it might be difficult for us to find connectivity- but luckily, we’ve got our gadgets!

You don’t want a dead battery, so it’s best you carry an extra one. You never know when your electronics will stop charging.

Waterproof Watch

A watch is a superb option for those who don’t want to grab their phone and constantly protect it from the rain.

The look is a great way to add some flair and keep up with modern trends. You can still be stylish, even if you don’t have your phone on hand at all times!


Your trip is an excellent opportunity to get some outdoor activity in.

Make sure you have the right gear for hiking and camping, including an appropriate backpack! It must fit well, so there isn’t too much weight on your shoulders when traveling by plane or SUV (or other vehicles).

The total limit from both checked bags AND carry-ons should not exceed 40 pounds each.


Be extra careful when travelling with your documents. Make sure you have copies of all the vital information in a separate bag from what’s original and take photos for storage on an encrypted phone or hard drive just in case they get lost while being checked at borders.

  • passport
  • vaccination card
  • Tickets

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