LDS missionary Shoes Guidelines

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Looking professional and well-groomed is a must for any ambassador. You want to be taken seriously, so don’t wear anything that will call attention away from the message you’re trying to share with others.

The Church of Jesus Christ has strict dress code guidelines when it comes time to represent our faith; make sure everything about your appearance (including how we look).

LDS missionary Shoes Guidelines

They should be practical, comfortable and attractive, but more importantly, they need to keep your feet safe while you are on a mission! For this reason, we must follow some guidelines when choosing what footwear will best suit our needs for a particular location or task at hand.

Don’t forget about safety first, though; closed-toe/heel shoes are always recommended, with flat-soled choices preferred unless otherwise authorized by Church leadership (e.g., hiking).

You could also insert some memory foam into poor quality sandals if necessary, giving extra cushioning underfoot where required without adding too much bulk.

For Sunday meetings, wear a dressy pair of shoes so you can show up as a professional.


For safety and security reasons, handbags that are simple and conservative are preferred.

You should choose shoulder bags or purses with a durable material such as leather if you desire a professional look for your outfit.

Jewelry can also add to the appearance of professionalism in some cases; however, you mustn’t wear multiple earrings at a time. It’s essential to wear moderate and straightforward jewelry. There are some exceptions, such as nose rings, tattoos, and toe rings.

Exercise and Other Activities

In public, regular missionary clothing is appropriate on preparation day. However, if necessary for a specific activity such as exercise or other miscellaneous events where more casual clothes might be right, then, by all means, do so.

Be sure to maintain high standards of modesty when traveling.

Personal Grooming

When attending zone conferences, Sunday meetings, historic sites, visitor centers, and baptisms, you should put your best foot forward, especially with local leaders.

  • Wear clean, pressed clothes.
  • Take a daily shower.
  • Use deodorant
  • Wash your hair frequently

Your hair should have a style and color that are easy to manage. You will look more attractive; however, you do not need to wear makeup. Wear only natural and conservative makeup if you choose to use it.

Frequently asked questions

Can female missionaries wear pants?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has updated its dress code for missionaries. For other events, though, women can choose from a variety of slacks. Dresses and skirts are still required for worship.

Can sister missionaries wear sandals?

There is a lot of discussion about whether or not sister missionaries can wear sandals. Some people say they cannot, while others believe they can.

It is recommended that you wear closed-toed footwear as much as possible to ensure your safety and comfort. However, this may vary according to the mission climate and individual health conditions- so please make sure before going out.


Our recent missionary shoe guidelines are designed to help missionaries look their best. These tips will help your daughter prepare for her mission and be as comfortable as possible during it.

It’s important to remember these guidelines to be ready and prepared before leaving on her mission. I hope the article was helpful to you and thank you for reading it.

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